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Some of InfinityCTI’s Call Center Software Solutions are:

ICTI – Call Back

With ICTI – Contact, if the estimated wait time (EWT) becomes extreme, your Customers will no longer have to wait on hold. They will be redirected to the ICTI – Contact application where they are presented with the options to either request a callback for the next available Call Center Agent, or to schedule a callback for a later time that day or the next business day.

ICTI – Survey

Surveys are a great way to ensure the quality assurance of your Call Center. This survey application allows you to monitor the satisfaction of your customers and follow trends on treatments.

ICTI – Click ‘N Dial

In a busy office or call center, simplifying even the smallest task is indispensable. With Click ‘N Dial, the chore of dialing numbers is eliminated, all together saving time, thus saving money. Whether in a call center, or an office – any phone number you can highlight on your computer, you can dial. This includes internal extensions, long-distance numbers, international numbers, and vanity 800 numbers.

Additional examples of Business and Call Center Solutions:

Directory Assistance
Customer Self-Help Systems
Employee Time Entry Systems
HR Benefit Enrollment Systems
Credit Card Payment Systems
Order Status Systems
Network Monitoring and Notification
Outbound Reminder Systems
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Note – Most of these applications can also be offered as a Hosted solution. Click here for more information.

Our primary expertise includes, but is not limited to the following technologies:

Avaya IR and Voice Portal Development
Speech Recognition and Text to Speech
Human Factors Engineering