A Cheerful Telecommunications Agent on a Busy Office



I-Control utilizes the power of Avaya’s Elite Multichannel (EMC) platform to deliver real-time Agent information and control. Using the I-Control Dashboard, a supervisor has the ability to not only see the Call Center Agent’s status (such as Logged In, ACW, AUX or available), but also has the ability to change the Agent’s state.
For example, if an agent is in AUX and he/she really needs to be available, the superior can remotely with the flick of the mouse change the Agent’s site to available. Also, if an agent has gone for the day and did not log out, the superior can remotely log the agent out.


I-Control’s Dashboard also monitors the queues in the Call Center and stands ready to redirect the calls in queue as needed. By utilizing Avaya’s Experience Portal (AEP), the superior can not only see the calls in queue, along with the caller’s ANI and queue duration, but also have the power to redirect a call to a specific agent or another destination as needed.
A web-based reporting portal allows an administrator to view the activity performed through the I-Control Dashboard and logs all activities.


  • I-Control requires EMC (Elite Multi-Channel) for agent viewing and manipulation.
  • Avaya’s Experience Portal (AEP) is required to move calls from queues within the Communication Manager.

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