Infinite Cloud Contact Center

Our Infinite Cloud Contact Center gives our clients the ability to rapidly deploy a new contact center in days!


InfinityCTI’s Infinite Cloud Contact Center (ICCC) provides your on-premise contact center the ability to rapidly move to a remote environment without losing the capability to support your client base. ICCC’s flexibility in providing monitoring, real-time view of agent status, multiple queue options for agents and reporting of caller and agent data, affords you the agility needed to support today’s fast-changing contact center support environment.

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  • Currently offering Voice Only in Phase 1
  • Ability to have multiple queues based on skills
  • The system provides an upfront IVR Menu or calls can be routed to queues behind client’s IVR systems
  • An agent can access the Contact Center Solution and answer calls with only a computer with Internet, browser and computer headset.  No VPN access required
  • The ability to have multiple queues based on custom call attributes with individual skills for each queue

Agent’s Desktop:

  • Agents can be assigned to multiple skills
  • Agents can be given levels within a skill
  • Ability to answer calls from the desktop
  • Ability to change phone status Offline, Available, Unavailable and Break

Supervisor’s Desktop:

Real-time display of an agent’s status

Ability to Service Observe Calls from the desktop client

Ability to add skills to agent’s and change agent’s state

Real-time display of queues


  • Chrome or Firefox browser
  • Headset with microphone or using a computer speaker

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