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Don’t frustrate your customers by making the wait on hold for an excessive amount of time. With ICTI Call Me Back you can increase customer satisfaction by scheduling a call back when your contact center agents are free.


With InfinityICTI’s Call Back software, if the Estimated Wait Time (EWT) becomes excessive, customers will no longer have to wait on hold. They will be redirected to the Call Back IVR hosted services where they are presented with the options to either request a callback for the next available Call Center Agent, or to schedule a callback for a later time that day or the next business day. This application is designed to reduce frustration on both the Customer and Call Center personnel by providing the caller with the convenience of not having to wait on hold, essentially having the Avaya IVR hosted system do the holding for them.

InfinityCTI offers 3 different options within the Call Back application package:

Option 1: Call Back Software – Agent

With Traditional Call Back Messaging, if the EWT (Estimated Wait Time) is excessive, the Caller will be given the option to continue waiting on hold or choose Call Back Messaging. If they choose Call Back Messaging, the Caller can decide to receive a call back from the next available agent or schedule a callback at a time later that day or even schedule a callback for the next business day. The Caller is then instructed to leave a detailed message for the agent, which is recorded by the application and played back to the agent before the call is returned. The call is then queued into Communication Manager (PBX) and delivered to an agent or scheduled to be queued at a specific time by the customer. Once delivered to the agent, they can listen to the recorded message and then press a button to call the customer back.

Option 2: Call Back Software – Customer

With Call Back – Customer when the EWT is excessive, the caller will be presented with the current ‘Estimated Wait Time’. The caller can then choose to either remain on hold or choose ICTI – Call Back. If the Caller chooses ICTI – Call Back, the Caller will be informed that a call back to them will be made at a specific time (based on EWT). The caller can decide to either receive a call from the Avaya IVR based on the EWT or schedule a callback for a later time that day or the next business day. Once the EWT time has expired for the Caller or the scheduled time has arrived, the Avaya IVR places a call to the customer. At this time, the customer can decide to accept the call and be placed into the queue for the next available agent, or terminate the ICTI – Call Back process.

Option 3: Call Back Software – Email

Call Back –  Email works very similar to “Option 1 – Traditional Call Back Messaging”, except that after the
message is left, an email is sent to either a specific person or group which contains the voice mail message that was left, along with the Customer’s call back number and the date and time the call was left.

Web Administration & Reporting

The above custom application packages come with web-based administration, real-time viewing, and ad-hoc reporting. Reports can be viewed via a web interface or by placing direct queries against the database.

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