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ICTI’s Easy PayMask allows your customers to make secure payments knowing that your agents are separated from the process and unable to hear their credit card details.

With ICTI’s Easy PayMask, the hosted application utilizes DTMF Masking, to ensure the customer’s credit card payment information is entered securely by the customer (PCI Compliant) without the agent hearing any of the details of the credit card information

Easy PayMask Secure Payment Benefits:

A premium solution for an affordable price!

Web application allows the agent to control the hosted payment service.

Web Reporting is included

Multiple languages can be supported


When the Customer calls into the service center, an agent answers the call and collects the customer’s purchase  information via the CRM or external website. When it comes time for the customer to enter the credit card information, the agent presses one button in the ICTI Easy PayMask web application, and a connection is established to the hosted payment service. An exchange between the hosted service, the agent and the customer will then occur. When it is time for the customer to make a payment, the IVR will announce “The customer will now enter his/her credit card information”. At this point, the agent will no longer be able to hear what the customer is doing. However, the customer will still be able to hear the agent talk. The customer will then enter and verify his/her credit card information via touch-tone.

Once the customer has completed entering their payment information, the payment is processed via a secured gateway and the agent will be able to hear the customer and the IVR will disconnect. The agent will need to have their specific CRM open and the payment screen in front of them. Integration into the customer’s CRM or website can be included in this offering. The agent wraps the call up with the customer and the process is complete. 

Please watch the video below to see ICTI Easy PayMask in action!

 Customer Requirements


Avaya Application Enablement Services (AES)

Customer provided Windows Server

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