ICTI - Enhanced Virtual Assistant (EVA™)

An intelligent omnichannel frontend to serve your customers.

Achieve groundbreaking flexibility and intelligence across all your customer interface channels.

ICTI’s EVA™ application combines natural speech, Virtual Customer Assistant (VCA) and a web interface to answer inquiries from consumers. By capturing your customer’s intent, EVA’s flexibility welcomes your customer with FAQ’s, direct access to their account status (if applicable) or to speak with an agent.

Industry Trends

“Gartner predicts that 25% of customer service organizations will integrate VCA across engagement channels by 2020.” Gartner.com

“Organizations report a 70% reduction in call, chat and/or email after implementing a Virtual Customer Assistantl” Gartner.com

 CRM Access

ICTI’s EVA can provide access to an existing CRM (if applicable) providing up-to-date account information such as when an item will ship, or if a payment has been received and when, etc. Easy access to a customer’s account can be via the system identifying the incoming phone number, account number, last name, etc.

Our Enhanced Virtual Assistant solution can sit both on top of your existing CRM or stand on its own in a hosted environment. Reporting on transactions is included.

 The Human Factor

While automation works well for most inquiries, if your customer desires that more human interaction, the system can seamlessly transfer the customer and present interaction, regardless of channel, to the next available agent who can assist with their specific inquiry. Your customer will not have to repeat information already provided to the Enhanced Virtual Assistant application.

Our ICTI-EVA solution can sit both on top of your existing CRM or stand on its own in a hosted environment.  Reporting on transactions is included.

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